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We are both proud Boricuas who love our patria profoundly. We lived in Massachusetts for quite some time (32 years for Myriam and 23 years for Jossie). We left Puerto Rico in the 90’s for job opportunities, and ended up growing professionally and educationally over the years and having amazing opportunities in Massachusetts.

Although we were not physically in Puerto Rico, our hearts were always here. We visited the island at least once a year to spend time with family and friends (primarily Yauco and San Juan). After hurricane María hit, we knew we needed to return to our beautiful homeland at some point, we just didn’t know how and when.

We were reminded of the resilience of our beautiful people and it was a life-changing experience. The stories were endless and heart-wrenching. We connected with many community organizers and NGOs and quickly learned that many folks were working hard every day to rebuild our island. We kept thinking that we couldn’t wait for the day that we could return here as full-time residents and be part of this process.

After many years of working in higher ed and politics, we made the decision that it was time to return home. We sold our house in Holyoke, Massachusetts in the spring of 2022, packed up as many suitcases as we could, and took a giant leap of faith. We arrived in Puerto Rico at the end of April 2022 and decided that we wanted to embark on the journey of becoming entrepreneurs and starting our own tourism business. Aventuras Yuiza was incorporated as a LLC in the summer of 2022.
We hope you join us on this exciting journey and allow us to show you our beautiful island!

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