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Itinerary building

We offer you a personalized itinerary built based on the dates you will be traveling, the number of guests, your budget, your interests, as well as your physical and emotional needs. Rate: $50 per hour of research 

Airport Transportation

When you book with us, we provide private pick-up from and drop off to all airports on the main island. Need to stop at the pharmacy or supermarket before arriving at your lodging? We can take care of that! Rate: $40 per airport trip


Guided tours

Experience Puerto Rico from the lens of a local Boricua! We build your day with a personalized tour based on your interests. Your group will be privately transported to your chosen destinations at a mutually agreed time and you set the pace. Most tours last 6-8 hours.

Rate: $225 per day, up to 2 guests; $300 for 3-4 guests. Need to add a second Aventuras Yuiza vehicle to accommodate more than 4 guests? Contact us!

Lodging and Breakfast

Villa Sabanera is located in the city of Cidra. It has the capacity of housing up to four guests. Your private apartment has two bedrooms - one with a queen size bed, and one with two twin size beds. It also has a living room and kitchenette. Guests will start each morning with a complimentary hot breakfast cooked by Villa Sabanera owners before you head out to the daily travels. Rate: $150 per night; up to 4 guests

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